Metal Working Oils

Metal Working Oils

Soluble Cutting Oils

servocut S
servocut S forms a milky emulsion with water and contains rust inhibitor to impart anti-rust, anti-corrosion properties and a biocide to prevent bacterial growth in the emulsion. This oil has superior cooling and lubricating properties which impart excellent surface finish and minimises tool wear. It is used in concentration of 5% and for grinding, more dilute emulsions are recommended. For stable emulsion oil should be added to water. It meets BIS: 1115 1986 specification and is recommended for a variety of cutting operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

servocut Super
servocut Super is a superior quality soluble type metal working fluid which forms stable milky white emulsion and provides longer emulsion life. It gives excellent surface finish and extended tool life. It meets superior performance level of IS: 1115-1986. The most common emulsion strength used for machining ranges from 5 to 10 percent depending on the severity of machining. 

Synthetic Soluble Cutting Oils

servosynth 2/5
servosynth oils are water soluble synthetic grinding coolants. The solutions prepared from these coolants are clear and free from any oil or fatty matter. These products have remarkable anti-rust characteristics. servosynth 5 contains a special inhibitor which protects cuprous metal components of machine tools and is specially recommended for grinding operations of iron, steel non-alloyed steel and nickel-chrome steel. servosynth 2 is recommended for grinding of ferrous metals, high nickel and titanium alloys only. These oils are not recommended for machining of non-ferrous metals. These oils meet IS: 11186 - 1985 specification.

Neat Cutting Oils

servocut 51
servocut 51 is non-staining type neat cutting oil blended from high VI base oils and contains fatty material enhancing its free flowing and heat dissipation characteristics. It maintains light colour during service providing good visibility of machining operation and meets IS: 3065-1985 Type I Grade II specifications. This oil is recommended for machining ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals.servocut 51 is also recommended for free cutting on mild steel, which involves high spindle speeds and short cycle time, particularly on screw automats, capstan or turret lathes.

servocut 151
servocut 151 is a superior quality neat cutting oil containing additives to reduce tool wear and improves machinability. It prevents premature regrinding of tools and does not discolour the components. It is ideally suitable for multi tool set ups on automats where a variety of operations are performed on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is also recommended for specialised operations such as thread grinding, form grinding and milling, using multiple cutters. Under selected conditions of speed and load it can be also used for machine tool lubrication. It exceeds IS: 3065-1985 Type 1 Grade II specifications.

servocut 201
servocut 201is an inactive type neat cutting oil blended from high VI base oil. It is specially developed to cover a wide range of machining operations, aids in obtaining good surface finish and protects tools from excessive wear. It meets IS: 3065-1985 Type 2 grade III and U.K. Defence DEF STAN 91-26/issue 1 for Oil ZX-6 specifications. It is recommended for all machining operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, where severity is not high. It does not discolour the components.

servocut 253
servocut 253 is blended from low viscosity high VI base oils. It provides extra cutting assistance under continuous long work-cycles. It has minimum mist forming tendency when used in high pressure coolant fed systems. The use of the product optimises filter life due to its low sludging tendency at operating temperatures. It is recommended for deep hole boring, deep hole drilling including gun drilling and trepanning operations where pressurised coolant system is employed for swarf removal and effective cooling at the cutting point. It also provides satisfactory performance in deep hole boring of stainless steel. It is not recommended for use on non-ferrous metals.

servocut 335 / 345
servocut 335 / 345 contain additives which provide anti-weld, oiliness and EP properties to these oils. The presence of chlorine enables the use of these oils for extreme pressure, low or moderate temperature cutting operations where feed rates are high but speeds are low. It provides excellent performance in all machining operations on non-ferrous metals and also is used for gear hobbing, gear shaving, screw cutting, tapping, milling, reaming, etc and they do not discolour the components.

servocut 353
servocut 353 is sulphur-chlorinated type cutting oil with excellent cooling and ant-weld characteristics which helps in machining of intricate shapes with high precision. It is a low viscosity product designed specially for arduous operations such as deep hole drilling and deep hole boring where pressurised delivery of the cutting fluid is required to clear fine swarf effectively. It is suitable for cutting of ferrous and ferrous alloys only. It is also suitable for certain honing operations.

servocut 945 / 945A
servocut 945 / 945A are active type neat cutting oils and give better surface finish and longer cutting tool life over a wide range of operating temperatures. These oils are recommended for machining operations of high tensile stainless steel as well as nickel-chromium alloys on automats, gear cutting, hobbing, drilling/reaming and thread cutting machines. It is not recommended for use on non-ferrous metals. servocut 945A contains high dosage of sulphurised fat for improved surface finish and tool life.

servocut BR
servocut BR is special purpose non-staining type neat cutting oil having very high oiliness property due to the presence of fatty material. The oil has excellent foam release ability and its use prevents overheating of work piece, thus eliminating chances of metal distortion. servocut BR is recommended for flute grinding of drills, reamers and various types of grinding tools which involve severe metal grinding processes. The oil is also suitable for gear cutting, hobbing and high speed metal working operations. servocut BR can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Neat Honing Oils

servomet 033
servomet 033 is low viscosity neat cutting oil with excellent anti-weld and lubricity characteristics required for severe machining operations of aluminium alloys, magnesium and brass. The oil has superior heat transfer property to cool effectively under high speed operations. It is recommended for deep hole drilling and similar operations of non-ferrous metals where oil is fed under pressure to the cutting area to wash swarf and debris. It can be used in some free machining operations of ferrous metals. 

servo Hone 7
servohone 7 is a light viscosity honing oil with excellent lubricity characteristics. It has the extra fluidity to ensure quick and thorough flushing action and the absence of any material which might cause stone glazing, ensuring very good surface finish. It also gives very long life to the honing stories. It would be useful for other operations such as turning, drilling and tapping of aluminium alloys and also for certain machining operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Aluminium Rolling Oil (Neat)

servoarol Light
servoarol Light is a premium quality low viscosity straight mineral oil, especially developed for cold rolling operation without affecting gauge accuracy. Its narrow boiling range and high IBP reduces the evaporation rate thereby bringing down the roll coolant consumption. It has inherent oiliness property to reduce friction, help metal reduction without permitting slippage. It is non-staining and non-corrosive and has good additive solubility for fats and alcohols which are added by the aluminium manufacturers for production advantages. It meets Food Drug Administration, USA, requirements. 

Steel Rolling Oils

servosteerol C4
servosteerol C 4 is a premium quality oil-in-water type emulsifiable fluid, recommended for cold rolling of mild and medium carbon steels. This oil forms a stable and long lasting emulsion with water and has excellent cooling and friction reducing properties which results in increased roll life, reduced power consumption and increased production. 

servo Steerol C6
servoservosteerol C 6 is a premium quality oil-in-water type emulsifiable fluid, recommended for cold rolling of mild steels and medium carbon steels. It is having very high emulsion stability and has excellent cooling and friction reducing properties. Its emulsion gives longer roll life, reduced power consumption and stain free surface finish. Due to its higher emulsion stability, specific oil consumption is much lower compared to other rolling oils. Due to its proper composition with natural fats, emulsion shows excellent "Plate out" characteristic to ensure roll and strip cooling. It's proper co-efficient of friction gives correct roll bite, less strip breakage and longer roll life. It is extensively in use in 4 stand tandem mill, CRM including in thin gauge sheets.